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Advanced Biofuels Investment Readiness Grants

The ABIR Program is a competitive one-stage, merit-based program offering grant funding to selected projects undertaking activities that build the investment case for significant and scalable pre-commercial demonstration projects for the production of high energy, drop-in advanced biofuels in Australia. Projects under the ABIR Program may include, but are not limited to, pre-feasibility, feasibility and [...]

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Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme Closing

The Government has announced that on 30 June 2012, the Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme will close.  The Government has paid over $320 million under the Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme to help more than 250,000 Australian households replace older, more carbon polluting hot water systems with renewable, climate-friendly alternatives. To be eligible for the rebate before the [...]

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Innovation Investment Fund To Get $100 Million

Up to $100 million will be invested in new, innovative companies as part of the Australian Government's Innovation Investment Fund (IIF).   The final tranche of IIF Round three of $100 million will lead to $200 million of venture capital for early-stage investments which reduces the financial risk to larger venture capital funds with the capacity to make significant [...]

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Jobs And Competitiveness Program

The $9.2 billion Jobs and Competitiveness Program legislative was passed by the Senate today and is designed to assist industries like aluminium, steel, cement, lead and zinc, glass making, LNG and paper manufacturing. This Program focuses on emissions intensive and trade exposed activities which release high levels of carbon pollution but have difficulty passing on [...]

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Illawarra Region Innovation & Investment Fund R1

The first round of the Illawarra Region Innovation and Investment Fund (IRIIF) is now open to applications. The closing date for Round 1 applications is Friday, 16th December 2011 at 5pm AEDST.  For more details or support, please contact the Pattens grants team.

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Australian Innovation Challenge

The Australian Innovation Challenge opened today offering $70,000 in prizes for Australia's best creativity and ingenuity from inventors which will be showcased across the country. Australians are considered creative and resilient people who are able to compete with the best and brightest in the world, even during the most difficult of times. Our capacity to negotiate our way through [...]

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Households Will Feel Impact of Carbon Tax

The Government has advised that on Sunday 10 July 2011 they will announce the price on pollution that is the central element of their policy to tackle climate change, cut pollution and drive the transformation of the Australian economy to a clean energy future.    The Government’s priorities in designing the carbon price have been stated as cutting pollution, protecting household [...]

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$226 Billion At Risk

A report released today by the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet, identifies more than $226 billion of assets in coastal areas nationally that are potentially at risk from climate change. The report, Climate Change Risks to Coastal Settlements and Industry, identifies significant risks to commercial and light industrial infrastructure, and road [...]

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Carbon Price Household Assistance

The Government hosted a meeting today of the Household Assistance Working Group. The working group of community sector leaders discussed options for the design of the generous household assistance package that the Government will deliver together with a price on carbon pollution. The Government is consulting with community organisations to help ensure the household assistance package is fair and [...]

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Small Business $5K Tax Write Off

The Australian Government will provide Australian small businesses with an immediate tax write-off of the first $5,000 of any motor vehicle purchased from 2012-13.  Motor vehicles are the main capital item for many of Australia's 2.7 million small businesses so this extra tax relief could deliver real benefits by improving cash flows and helping operators to [...]

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