The Australian Growth Partnerships (AGP) program is a new, competitive, merit-based pilot program managed by CSIRO, which is designed to assist SMEs overcome technological barriers by providing them with funds to access CSIRO research and development.  The AGP program is designed to assist SMEs overcome existing technical issues, therefore providing them with an opportunity to significantly accelerate their growth in high impact industries that are aligned with the capabilities of CSIRO’s National Research Flagships Program. This program encompasses the following Flagships:

  • Climate Adaptation
  • Energy Transformed
  • Food Futures
  • Future Manufacturing
  • Light Metals
  • Minerals Down Under
  • Preventative Health
  • Water for a Healthy Country
  • Wealth from Oceans.

CSIRO has allocated funds to provide investment funding through the AGP Program to high potential, technology-receptive small and medium enterprises (SMEs) so they can access CSIRO research and development (R&D) capability and intellectual property.  The program offers between $500,000 and $2 million per SME and allows businesses to purchase CSIRO research and development capability.

The CSIRO anticipates allocating investment capital of up to AUD$16 million during the 2008-2012 period to successful SME applicants. In exchange for providing this capital CSIRO, through the AGP Program, will seek to secure a return on its investment.

Congratulations to Biofiba Pty Ltd who have recently been awarded an AGP grant to new manufacturing process using organic fibres to make planks for shipping pallets.