The scam calls may include:

  • mention of an ‘Australian Government Grants Department’
  • a claim of ownership of the Government’s website
  • requests for $4000.00 to ‘contribute to charities to pay off a government debt
  • requests for a fee of $199.00 to release grant funding; and
  • the names of prominent Australians.

The Government DOES NOT cold call offering grants.
The Government DOES NOT charge a fee to release grant funding.
The website is an information portal ONLY and DOES NOT provide grant funding.
There is NO central ‘Australian Government Grants Department’.

Pattens recommend that grant applications be prepared by reputable professional grants consultants.
Pattens do not charge a fee to assess your entitlement to the various government grants.
Pattens DO NOT recommend or  Extreme care should be taken with these businesses. They are privately owned and operated.  They are not affiliated with the Government in any way.

If you receive a suspicious call take care with any information you provide and if unsure call 1800 026 222.
Also contains useful information on how to spot a scam,