Obtaining grants is a highly specialised field, and there are many stages to writing a grant proposal, such as identifying the need, designing the project, determining the grant opportunities, writing the grant applications and administering funds received. To further complicate things, the processes for pursuing federal, state, and private funds are very different.

Many businesses that desperately need financial support miss opportunities for funding for two reasons:

  1. They don’t have the knowledge or resources to successfully pursue and win a grant or
  2. they are ignorant of the range of possibilities in private, federal, or state-sourced funds available to them.

With businesses still suffering the impact of poor economic conditions, successful grant applications is now a more relevant than ever before.

Pattens Group can provide a multitude of benefits, including successfully pursuing grant money, saving the cost of full-time grant writers and seeking new options and techniques to obtain operational and expansion funding.  We can also secure equity funding, and IPO or a business loan of over A$100m.

Our fee for grant applications is nothing unless we are successful.  No grant, no fee.

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