The $9.2 billion Jobs and Competitiveness Program legislative was passed by the Senate today and is designed to assist industries like aluminium, steel, cement, lead and zinc, glass making, LNG and paper manufacturing. This Program focuses on emissions intensive and trade exposed activities which release high levels of carbon pollution but have difficulty passing on costs because their prices are set in global markets.

In addition, the $1.2 billion Clean Technology Program is also available to assist manufacturers which do not meet “emissions intensity, trade exposed” assistance thresholds.

The Clean Technology Program comprises:

$800 million under the Clean Technology Investment Program for grants supporting investments in energy-efficient equipment and low-pollution technologies, processes and products.

$200 million under the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program for energy efficiency improvements by food processors, metal forgers and foundries.

$200 million under the Clean Technology Innovation Program for business R&D spending in renewable energy, low-pollution technology and energy efficiency.