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Green Buildings Program

Shopping centres, hotels and office block owners are finding it easier to upgrade and reduce greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the Government's Green Building Fund and Tax Breaks for Green Buildings Program.  Announcing $35.2 million in funding to green-up 90 buildings nationally, Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said Australia's commercial buildings generate significant greenhouse gas emissions [...]

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$66M Education Investment Fund Grant

The Australian Government will provide grant funding of $66.5 million to world-leading research to help build one of the largest solar power plants in the world in northwest New South Wales - creating jobs, strengthening industry-research partnerships and securing Australia's clean energy future.   Announcing the Education Investment Fund (EIF) grant today, Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said [...]

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$2.6M Climate Change Adaptation Research Grants

The Government today announced $2.6 million in grants for priority research into the social, economic and institutional dimensions of climate change across Australia. The research projects funded under the Climate Change Adaptation Research Grants program will explore adaptation measures to prepare people and institutions from the unavoidable impacts of climate change. Some of these research projects [...]

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Carbon Tax $12M Advertising Campaign

The Gillard Government will undertake a $12m public information campaign to explain to Australians why the climate tax is good for us.  The Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet, said the campaign would provide information about the Government’s plan to reduce Australia’s carbon pollution including through a carbon price.  It will also showcase [...]

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$226 Billion At Risk

A report released today by the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet, identifies more than $226 billion of assets in coastal areas nationally that are potentially at risk from climate change. The report, Climate Change Risks to Coastal Settlements and Industry, identifies significant risks to commercial and light industrial infrastructure, and road and [...]

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Australian Growth Partnership

The Australian Growth Partnerships (AGP) program is a new, competitive, merit-based pilot program managed by CSIRO, which is designed to assist SMEs overcome technological barriers by providing them with funds to access CSIRO research and development.  The AGP program is designed to assist SMEs overcome existing technical issues, therefore providing them with an opportunity to significantly [...]

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Grant Application Mistakes

By avoiding common mistakes you can increase your chances of obtaining a grant. Do your research. Initiate contact with department prior to preparation of application. Develop relationship with Case Manager. Provide the information they request. Be specific, generalisations are meaningless. Make your application stand out. Do not be conservative with your estimates. Check your grammar [...]

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Open Innovation Stream Funding

Funding applications are open today to undertake innovative projects that investigate new technologies and approaches to urban water management. The Fund is particularly interested in receiving applications from businesses,research institutions and consultants that address a specific industry need and deliver valuable outcomes. The Open Innovation Stream supports innovation in the water sector, through investment in projects that [...]

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Protecting Australian Inventors

The Government wants Australia’s inventors to have access to a patent system that is easy to understand, respected internationally and which gives inventors the rights they deserve. To view the report and find out more about the Advisory Council, visit IP Australia is the government agency responsible for our IP system that includes patents, trade [...]

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Carbon Price Plan

The carbon price provides an incentive for businesses with the highest levels of pollution to reduce their pollution. The Government says they will then use every cent raised to: Assist families with household bills Help businesses make the transition to a clean energy economy Tackle climate change An initial fixed carbon price will provide businesses with a stable [...]

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