VET Expansion Planned

The recently released annual national report of the Australian VET system revealed there were 1.8 million VET students in 2010-that's an increase of 5.4 per cent on the previous year under the Government's $11.1 billion investment in vocational education and training scheme. Between 2007 and 2009, the report shows the number of VET students completing [...]

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National Science Week

National Science Week will engage communities across Australia between 11-19 August 2012 and will be officially opened today by the Minister for Innovation, Senator Kim Carr. Through the Australian Government's Inspiring Australia initiative, $500,000 in grants of between $2,000 and $25,000 will be available for individual one-year projects. If you have a great idea, you [...]

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Research Infrastructure Grant Round 2

The role of the Education Investment Fund (EIF) is to build a modern, productive, internationally competitive economy by supporting world-leading, strategically focused infrastructure investment. It has invested more than $1.6 billion into research infrastructure projects since 2008. The recent funding of a $17.5 million for the Centre at University of Melbourne under round 2 of the EIF will bring together scientists [...]

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Grant Application Mistakes

By avoiding common mistakes you can increase your chances of obtaining a grant. Do your research. Initiate contact with department prior to preparation of application. Develop relationship with Case Manager. Provide the information they request. Be specific, generalisations are meaningless. Make your application stand out. Do not be conservative with your estimates. Check your grammar [...]

Grant Writing Expertise

Obtaining grants is a highly specialised field, and there are many stages to writing a grant proposal, such as identifying the need, designing the project, determining the grant opportunities, writing the grant applications and administering funds received. To further complicate things, the processes for pursuing federal, state, and private funds are very different. Many businesses [...]