The closing date for the 2010 Export Marketing Development Grants was Tuesday 30 November 2010. No further grants can be lodged.

The EMDG Act requires that all EMDG claims for the financial year ended 30 June must be lodged by 30 November in each year.  The Act does not allow for late lodgement under any circumstances.  Austrade simply has no power to grant an extension, despite the circumstances.  If you were hoping to claim but missed the deadline then please call us and we can ensure your 2011 claim is prepared on time and for the maximum grant that can legally be claimed.

In our communications with Austrade and other consultants, they advise that claims lodged for the 2009/10 year are around 25% lower than last year.  This is both good news and bad news,  The good news is that the final EMDG payment will probably be higher than the 30% everyone was expecting.  The bad news is that exporters are doing it tough and the current strengthening of the Australian dollar is certainly not going to help.

By comparison, the EMDG claims prepared and lodged by Pattens Group’s for 2009/10 have increased by over 35% with new EMDG claimants for 2011 more that double those of 2009.   Why are our claims increasing while the trend is for declining claim numbers? While we would suggest it is our professionalism, maximising the grant, friendly service, diligence and grants expertise, that is only our oppinion.  Our clients have received support 24/7 over the past month. Do you know any other business that is as dedicate to their customers (excluding doctors and nurses of course, and some foreign telco call centres)?

Join the trend of exporters receiving maximum support from the proportionally few dollars currently being offered to exporters by the government.  Why not call us now to arrange a no obligation appointment and experience the Pattens difference for yourself.  Call 1800 PATTENS today