The Governments of  Australian and the People’s Republic of China have reaffirmed both countries’ commitment to continue to expand collaboration on strategic science and research initiatives of mutual interest.

Both governments will each commit $9 million over three years to a new Australia-China Science and Research Fund from 2011-12. The fund will build on the strong partnership built through 30 years of cooperation on science and technology between Australia and China.

With the support of both governments, collaboration between Australian and Chinese scientists has grown exponentially, producing outstanding results for business and communities.  These collaborations have contributed to breakthrough discoveries in areas as diverse as medical research, disaster management, biodiversity, water conservation, food security, wireless communications, new alloys for manufacturing and clean energy.

Scientific cooperation has also created new opportunities for Australian researchers and firms to work at the heart of the Chinese economic powerhouse. The new fund will renew our strong partnership for the years ahead, helping both nations prepare for the challenges of a low-carbon, high-tech century.