If you are serious about business you should at least consider exporting. Here are some useful tips to prepare your business to successfully export:

  1. Build A Corporate International Image
  2. Talk To Others, learn from their experience
  3. Learn About Export/Import Regulations And Terms Of Trade
  4. Hire experienced people or train your staff
  5. Get an international focused web site
  6. Take advantage of the Internet
  7. Acquire data->Information->Knowledge->Wisdom
  8. Talk to experienced professionals and Austrade
  9. Catch a plane!  Do your homework on the ground.
  10. Understand the different demands of each market
  11. Packaging optimisation for shipment
  12. Packaging, Quality, Price
  13. Be prepared to customise your products
  14. Create unique marketing strategy
  15. Develop a marketing plan and export plan for each market
  16. Set up export prices for each market
  17. Prepare a SWOT analysis
  18. Develop a problem solving plan
  19. Build an export network
  20. Develop “Export Inquiries Handling Rules”
  21. Negotiation is an art, learn about cultural differences
  22. After You Export – Add Value – build relationships
  23. Be Prepared To Meet Growing Demand
  24. Make Decisions On A Commercial Grounds
  25. Talk to the grants experts – Pattens.

Contact Pattens at grants@pattens.com or 1800 PATTENS to receive a free consultation to maximise your entitlement to the Export Market Development Grant (valued at $500)  The EMDG scheme can help new exporters mitigate the financial risk of exporting through reimbursement of export marketing expenses.