The Multi-Party Climate Change Committee met in Canberra today and  had initial discussions on policy principles, the potential design and scope of the Climate Change Commission, the progress of international action to reduce emissions and what a carbon price is and how it interacts with the Australian economy and communities and the opportunities it provides.

The Committee noted actions are being taken by other countries to put a price on carbon and to reduce carbon pollution. In particular, the Committee noted that:

  • Around 85 countries, accounting for over 80 per cent of global emissions, have committed to reducing emissions or emissions intensity under the Copenhagen Accord, including all members of the Major Economies Forum
  • The majority of developed countries have introduced, or are seriously considering introducing, market-based measures at national or sub-national level to help meet their emissions reduction targets.

The Committee agreed that the three presentations made to them by expert advisors would be made available on the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency’s website.  Papers released by the Committee from this meeting will be available on the Department of Climate Change’s website from 11 November 2010