Grant Expertise

Congratulations to our client, an innovative data analysis company, who was recently awarded $1,000,000 for an Accelerating Commercialisation claim.  The success continues to highlight the expertise Pattens have in sophisticated large grant applications.

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R&D Integrity

The Australian: 27 March, 2017 suggest “most major companies use R&D Tax Credits to rort taxpayers.” With over 35 years’ experience claiming R&D, Pattens have never been involved in any dishonest or questionable activity. Our claims are impeccable and can withstand any scrutiny.

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Medical Technology

Thanks to support from a $1.3M R&D Tax Incentive refund, our client is able to improve a higher standard of living and well-being to a greater range of people inflicted with a diverse range of diseases. We have a 100% success rate on R&D claims lodged.

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Commercialising Ideas

While it would seem the Commercialisation Australia program has disappeared for good, however we understand that is not the case. As part of the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme a new component will be released in about November 2014 with a grants of up to $250,000 available for start-up companies with innovative ideas that are commercially driven. [...]

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Researchers In Business

What happened to the Researchers in Business Program? The 2014 Federal budget advised this scheme would be retained. Our investigations have revealed it is likely to return in September 2014 and the scheme will be very similar to the previous program. If you are interested in claiming this grant please let us know so we [...]

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Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Program

The Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Program commenced on 1 July 2014 predominantly replacing Enterprise Connect, Researchers in Business and Commercialisation Australia.. This program will be delivered through AusIndustry with a new Single Business Service to streamline the way businesses access government information and services. The three proposed streams of the program are: Business Management Research Connections [...]

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New Single Business Service

You may have noticed the AusIndustry website is no longer active. As part of the government’s consolidation of services the single access point for most government activities, including grants, is now The new Single Business Service has necessitated that the previous Case Managers for Commercialisation Australia and Enterprise Connect are now part of AusIndustry [...]

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2014 Federal Budget Summary

The budget has closed Commercialisation Australia to new applications. Full applications submitted and accepted on or before 21 March 2014 will be assessed, and if meritorious against the assessment criteria they will be funded. All existing recipients of CA will still continue to be funded. A new Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme will replace: Australian Industry Participation [...]

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