Bring your vision to life with small business grants consultant

For aspiring Australian entrepreneurs, nothing is impossible –especially with the sheer number of business grants available. If funding is the only obstacle of your success, then you need to apply for the various government grants available for small business owners.

Launch or accelerate your business ideas with the help of small business grants.  All it takes is a compelling, well-crafted application. But with start up business grants opening and closing every week, you need to ensure your submission is lodged on time.

As an entrepreneur with day-to-day business activities and staffing challenges, you might not have the time to sit down and work on a stand-out proposal. Limited knowledge on the hundreds of government incentives available for small business might also make it difficult to determine which grants are best for your business.

This is where Pattens come in. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have extensive background in business and grant writing. We give you every advantage in the application process. Our 99% success rate speaks for itself.

Start-up grants for businesses in almost every sector

The Australian government gives away billions in grants for start-ups each year from more than 1000 available grants. These include Innovation and R&D, Export and Tourism, Manufacturing, Climate and many other grants.

Innovation and R&D Grants are concerned with the development of products, services, and processes that involve a degree of technical risk. If your business is in the process of creating a new product or improving an existing one, consider applying for one of these. Learn more

Export and Tourism Grants. Export Grants are tailored for businesses that provide goods to non-residents for export related purposes.

Tourism Grants are awarded to businesses that provide commercial information, transportation, accommodations, and related services to non-residents. Learn more

Manufacturing Grants are extended to businesses that are concerned with the production of goods, either by hand or machinery.  If you’re thinking of streamlining or expanding operations, the available government grants for startups may provide useful financial assistance. Learn more

Climate Grants are offered to businesses dedicated to nature and the environment. And while climate used to be confined to weather conditions, it has come to encompass a wide range of concerns, including air quality, water consumption, natural resources, and activities that affect the environment.

If you’re thinking of ways to make Australia or the world more environmentally friendly, or would like to offer solutions to climate change, then a Climate Grant might be ideal. Learn more

Miscellaneous Grants not covered by other grants previously mentioned. These include apprenticeship grants, business growth grants and grants for women entrepreneurs, to name a few. Learn more

Although there are hundreds of government grants for startups, the regulations and deadlines differ for each one, and the list of grants available can change at any time.

If you can’t find a grant that covers your business, don’t worry – you might be eligible for unlisted grants. Pattens can provide a Free Report of the grants that are appropriate for your business.

How to secure government grants for new businesses

But even with so many grants constantly available, you should not be complacent. There are over 2.1 million small businesses in Australia, with a new one launched every 100 seconds. That means the competition for new business grants is always increasing.

What’s more, the number of start-up failures is on the rise, with small business owners citing soaring energy bills, overhead expenses, payroll costs, and yes – the inability to secure funding – as the greatest challenges they face.

Don’t be a casualty. Let Pattens give you an edge over competitors and grant applications. With over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to secure prized government grants for new businesses. We highlight the strengths and feasibility of your business in a way that only experts in grant writing can. No one can do it better.

Small business grants for big ideas

There are many advantages to securing free government grants for small business start up. Getting access to resources not only allows you to grow your business; it also allows you to deliver products and services that can truly make a difference.

But as any entrepreneur knows, running a small business doesn’t mean having to think small. It’s time you got that big business idea off the ground.  No matter your industry, there’s probably a grant out there to meet your needs.

Pattens are here to help. Our team is comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds but extensive experience in successful grant applications. With the finest grants consultants in Australia preparing your application, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything possible to secure financing.

And if for some reason you don’t get that grant, you don’t pay anything. That speaks the confidence in our skills and our commitment to your success. Get ready for success when you work with Pattens.