The Linkage Projects scheme is a component of the ARC competitive grants suite which encourages partnerships with both local and overseas manufacturers and private enterprises. These partnerships help produce tangible, workable solutions to real issues, like climate change, health and national security.  31 Australian research institutions were recently awarded funding of $67 million.  They will partner with 436 national and international organisations. These organisations will top-up the Government’s Linkage Project Scheme investment with an additional $139 million in cash and in-kind support which will commence in July 2011.

The Government has announced funding of $67 million for the partnerships under the Australian Research Council Linkage Projects scheme to strengthening research partnerships with industry because research and development was the key to a richer, fairer and greener future.

Funding is being provided for the following projects:

  • Swinburne University of Technology will use $300,000 to collaborate with dairy industry innovator Gardiner Foundation on research into skimmed milk processing. This uses ultrasonic waves and tiny bubbles to save energy and cleaning costs and develop future health products.
  • Monash University will use $360,399 to use the world-class research equipment available at Swedish and United States institutions to develop engineering and education solutions to reduce child injury and deaths in car crashes from the incorrect use of child restraints.
  • Needle-free vaccinations,
  • Protection from cyber-bullying
  • Understanding of the impact of sea change on coastal communities and
  • 217 others projects

For more information on the ARC and to view the media kit for this announcement, which including summaries of the research projects and information on the funding scheme, contact Pattens at  Additionally the new R&D Tax Credit, currently awaiting debate in the Senate, is also seen to strengthen the links between researchers and industry and encourage the creation of new and improved materials, products, processes and services, leading to greater prosperity and more high-wage, high-skill jobs for Australians.

For more information on the R&D Tax Credit and the Innovation portfolio, contact Pattens on 1800 PATTENS