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Small Business Is Big Business

A new report released today confirms the significance of Australia’s two million small businesses to the Australian economy.  The research reinforces the essential and vital a role the small business sector plays in Australia’s economic life.  The report was compiled by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other [...]

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Commercialisation Australia Scheme Axed

The Commercialisation Australia Scheme (CAS) may be axed as early as next April 2012 and replaced in some part by the Clean Technology Program (CTP). The CTP is designed to provide support for manufacturers through three components: the Clean Technology Investment Program, Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program, and the Clean Technology Innovation Program. The suite of sub-programs are intended [...]

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Pattens Group Wins Industry Award

The 2011 Import Export Show was held last week in Sydney, showcasing services and support available to assist importers and exporters with their international business engagement and development. The show provided a great insight into the growth of the Import Export industry and provided opportunities for attendees to seek advice and put thoughts into action! [...]

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R&D Tax Incentive Seminars

Pattens Group will be conducting information sessions to help businesses learn how to access and best use the new R&D Tax Incentive to drive the development of new ideas, products and processes.  We encourage all business owners to attend as the R&D Tax Incentive can be an invaluable source of funding for developing creativity in Australian businesses. [...]

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Senate Passes New R&D Tax Credit Scheme

The new R&D tax credit bill finally passed through the Senate today but industry groups remain unconvinced as to its effectiveness in supporting research and development in large swathes of the economy.  The legislation will start retrospectively from 1 July 2011. The two core components of the Credit are a 45 per cent refundable R&D Tax Credit [...]

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2011 EMDG Initial Payment Increased

The Trade Minister, Craig Emerson announced the initial payment ceiling for the EMDG scheme will be increased to $50,000 for the 2011 grant year which just ended, compared with the pathetic $27,500 which was paid in 2010. In making the announcement the Minister suggested the reduced demand for EMDG grants over the previous grant year, coupled with changes to the [...]

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TCF Strategic Capability Program 2nd Round

Applications for the second round of the TCF Strategic Capability Program opened today.  The program will allow TCF manufacturers can receive at least $250,000 to innovate so they could thrive in a low carbon economy and make their business stronger, greener and more competitive.  In the first round, the Government partnered with ten companies to progress exciting [...]

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Innovation Investment Fund Report

Since its inception the Innovation Investment Fund (IIF) has licensed 13 new venture capital innovation funds that have helped 99 Australian businesses commercialise original research. To date the IIF program has committed a pool of $524 million of government and private capital to invest in promising early-stage companies. Yesterday, the program received a tick from internationally [...]

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Linkage Project Scheme

The Linkage Projects scheme is a component of the ARC competitive grants suite which encourages partnerships with both local and overseas manufacturers and private enterprises. These partnerships help produce tangible, workable solutions to real issues, like climate change, health and national security.  31 Australian research institutions were recently awarded funding of $67 million.  They will partner with 436 national and [...]

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Australia India Strategic Research Fund Boost

The Australian Government announced today 18 collaborative projects involving Australian and Indian scientists that have been awarded $5 million under the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund, with matching funding provided by the Government of India.  Top scientists benefit from this multi-million dollar program with India that could lead to better vaccines, more temperature tolerant crops, healthier foods [...]

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