Small Business $5K Tax Write Off

The Australian Government will provide Australian small businesses with an immediate tax write-off of the first $5,000 of any motor vehicle purchased from 2012-13.  Motor vehicles are the main capital item for many of Australia's 2.7 million small businesses so this extra tax relief could deliver real benefits by improving cash flows and helping operators to reinvest [...]

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The Federal and South Australian Governments are offering investment of $12 million through the South-East South Australia Innovation and Investment Fund (SE SAIIF) to encourage businesses in South Australia's south-east to boost jobs and innovation. The Fund is a joint initiative between the Australian and the South Australian governments and it is expected the investment will create new long-term [...]

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Sunraysia TQUAL Grant

The Australian Government has agreed to contribute $100,000 under the TQUAL Grants program to the refurbishment of Peaka Homestead at the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens at Mourquong near Mildura. Peaka Homestead adds to an already impressive collection of heritage buildings.  It provides a fully operational catering kitchen and training room for use by tourists and students [...]

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Alternative Securities Exchange Approved

In August 2009, the Government announced important reforms to transfer supervisory responsibility for Australia's financial markets to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Since the Government announced in-principle approval of Chi-X in March 2010, ASIC has worked carefully and methodically to develop robust market integrity rules. These rules are designed to ensure the strength [...]

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Home Insulation Safety Plan Update

The Government has provided a comprehensive update on the Government’s Home Insulation Safety Plan.   The Home Insulation Program (HIP) was closed in February last year. The Home Insulation Safety Plan was subsequently developed and included a comprehensive safety inspection component. Under the Foil Insulation Safety Program (FISP) all households with foil insulation installed under the HIP [...]

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Small Business Advisory Services

The Small Business Advisory Services (SBAS) program offers grants of up to $100,000 (GST Ex) for eligible not-for-profit organisations to provide business advisory services to small businesses or small business owners to assist them in responding to natural disasters that have occurred in Australia since October 2010. Proposals funded by the SBAS programmay assist in [...]

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Credit Card Reform Introduced

Credit cards are an integral part of Australian families but can negatively impact family budgets.  Credit card operators have been free to impose unrealistic rules for a long time however, legislation was introduced into Parliament today to reform credit card regulations and give Australians a better deal at last. The credit card reforms include: Requiring credit card lenders to allocate [...]

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Mortgage Exit Fees Outlawed

Legislation was passed by the Government today banning exit fees on mortgages for all new home loans from 1 July 2011.  This is seen as an important day for consumers because one of the biggest hindrance stopping Australians from getting a better deal on mortgages will finally be removed. This critical measure should help boost competition in the home loan market over time, by [...]

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Sports Leadership Grants For Women

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Australian Government Office for Women are looking to develop the next generation of female leaders in sport.  Applications open on 17 March and close on 29 April 2011 for the 2011-12 round of Sports Leadership Grants and Scholarships for Women. The ASC and Office for Women’s Sports Leadership Grants and [...]

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Another Tax Called Carbon Pricing

There is a lot of misinformation about climate change and the best way to combat it. The most recent science indicates that the potential effects of climate change are only getting worse, and the chance of them happening is much more certain. Economic studies show that the effects will also affect our economy which means less economic [...]

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