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Low Carbon Australia (LCA) provides co-investment, loans and advice to Australian business, government and the wider community to encourage action on energy efficiency, cost-effective carbon reductions, and accreditation for carbon neutral products and organisations.

LCA co-invests in innovative financing with companies with significant customer reach who can aggregate market demand. LCA has focused its initial investments on projects with market-creating value, those that are investment-ready and those which have significant demonstration impact in order to:

  • drive change in the marketplace on a wide scale;
  • achieve private sector financial leverage to realise greater total investment;
  • create greater capacity building of the marketplace;
  • realise greater amounts of carbon savings than LCA could achieve investing its small fund alone; and
  • ensure LCA finance can be accessed by small and medium sized business through these large financial institutions, utilities or leasing companies.

LCA provides an Energy Efficiency Program to provide finance and advice to eligible businesses and the public sector for the retrofit of commercial properties.
The Carbon Neutral Program which provides certification for organisations that have products or operations that are carbon neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standard.
LCA assists industry meet the cost of energy efficiency projects by offering pre-approved finance to support grant bids for the Clean Technology Investment Program and the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program.

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