Export Market Development Grants EMDG

Grant Information

The EMDG Scheme reimburses 50% of your eligible export marketing costs, provided you are the principal in the transaction. The goods are not required to be produced in Australia or even dispatched from Australia. Goods produced overseas and shipped directly to a foreign country can comply for EMDG purposes! Similarly, goods and services provided in Australia to tourists are also eligible for exports and may be eligible for a grant. International patent and trademark expenses are also claimable.

The EMDG program allocates grants to eligible applicants based on available funds.
The amount approved varies, depending on the number of eligible applications and the total budget for the program.

What are the caps?

  • You can receive EMDG grants for 8 financial years.
  • You can only receive a total of $770,000 under the EMDG program. The cap of $770,000 refers to money received, not money applied for.

Eligibility is limited to Australian-based enterprises that:

  • Not have exceeded the maximum $770,000 total claim amount for your business.
  • Not exceed a maximum of 8 claims per business for the lifecycle of the business.
  • Have a minimum of $100,000 in turnover for the financial year leading up to the application.
  • 2 years of trading history.
  • Have the intent to export to another country outside of Australia and countries that are excluded from this program**
  • Meet all Australian tax obligations
  • New Zealand
  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • Belarus

Eligibility is limited to Australian-based enterprises that:

  • Are promoting the export of goods, services, intellectual property, or know-how to the benefit of the Australian economy;
  • The total business turnover is less than $50 million in the grant year.

The main exclusions include:

  • Sales-related expenses.
  • Capital costs.
  • Reimbursed expenses.
  • Costs related to trade with New Zealand, North Korea, and Iran.
  • The GST component of incurred expenses cannot be claimed under EMDG.

More Information

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