Export Finance Insurance Corporation (EFIC)

Grant Information

When you’re competing for international contracts, a finance package that enables your overseas buyer to purchase your goods and services can be a critical factor in your success. The ability to offer your buyer finance supported by an export finance guarantee from EFIC can give you an edge by complementing your technical capability with a comprehensive buyer finance package. In addition, the loan disbursements that you receive from the bank provide working capital, which you can use to finance your export production.

EFIC finance packages :

  • Enhance your ability to win contracts by providing finance to your buyer.
  • Help to ensure you don’t lose business to a competitor who can offer buyer finance.
  • This can make your buyer finance offer more competitive, as the guarantee may enable the bank to offer a loan of up to 100% of the contract value.
  • Can help you finance your contract, as the loan disbursements provide working capital.
  • The guarantee may be denominated in your buyer’s local currency.

The process involves the following steps:

Step 1You enter into an export contract with your overseas buyer.
Step 2Your buyer enters into a loan agreement with a bank acceptable to EFIC.
Step 3EFIC issues a guarantee and indemnity to the bank for the repayment obligations of your buyer under the loan agreement.
Step 4The bank pays you by your buyer’s instructions when you fulfil your export contract obligations.
Step 5Your buyer repays the bank by the terms of the loan agreement.

The process involves the following steps:

  • Register your Australian Business Number with Customs or obtain a Customs Client Identifier (CCID);
  • Obtain an Export Declaration Number (EDN) for every line on the Claim for Drawback; and
  • Provide your bank details when completing the drawback claim form or lodging electronically into the Integrated Cargo System.

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