The Australian Government has announced funding for priority adaptation research into preparing Australia for the unavoidable impacts of climate change. The Government will invest $2 million into research addressing the impacts climate change poses to Australia’s primary industries with a further $5 million to support research focusing on the social and economic implications of climate change on Australian communities.

To support this funding, two research plans have been prepared by the Australian Government’s National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, to identify priority questions to meet adaptation knowledge and information needs.

The National Climate Change Adaptation: Primary Industries research plan addresses key areas for research to provide primary producers and industries with the information they’ll need to understand the relative advantages and risks of different types of adaptation.  The plan explores opportunities to address integrated adaptation planning and responses at the local and regional levels.The research is intended to provide information to assist governments and other stakeholders to better understand how they can support primary industries in effectively adapting to climate change.

The National Climate Change Adaptation: Social, Economic and Institutional Dimensions research plan will inform decision-making about adaptation by households, businesses, community groups and governments and allow for the implementation of sound climate change adaptation initiatives.

Application guidelines are available on from or

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