The companies and individuals targeted in yesterday’s warrants were identified as having allegedly committed serious fraud. Mr Combet said the Government and the Australian people were rightly disappointed that the Home Insulation Program had been tainted by alleged illegal conduct and the possibly fraudulent behaviour of a number of individuals.

While the Government has been upfront in relation to acknowledging there were problems in the design and implementation of this Program, there were some installers who took advantage of the Program for financial gain, and didn’t care about the impact that would have on the industry.  In addition to the ongoing criminal investigation, the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has today launched a comprehensive Debt Recovery Program. The aim of the Debt Recovery Program is to identify all debt owed from fraudulent or non-compliant activities undertaken during the Home Insulation Program, and to recover money owed to the Commonwealth.

Almost 2,000 letters were sent out today putting installers on notice that their debt to the Commonwealth must be paid. These installers now have 30 days to either pay the debt or raise any issues. This police investigation is ongoing.