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Clean Technology Programs Closure

AusIndustry has been sending out letters lately informing the official closure of the Clean Technology Programs. The current Australian Government has committed to abolishing the carbon tax and they expect in doing so they will lower the costs for Australian businesses and manufacturers. This will hopefully promote growth and costs. As such, the Australian Government [...]

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Grant Cancellations

The new Liberal government is beginning to make announcements to the changes of the various grant schemes. Many of the different grants have been marked for cancellation as a means of "ending Labor's waste and reckless spending". Full details can be found at media release Our Plan to get the Budget under Control. Schemes to [...]

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Clean Technology Grants

The latest update from the Minister of Innovation is as follows: The Gillard Government is helping one of southern Queensland's major meat manufacturers to invest in new, clean technology to improve its production efficiency and cut energy costs throughout its operations. A $6.2 million grant from the Gillard Government's Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment [...]

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CEFC Clean Energy Grants

Oliver Yates has been appointed the head of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation's (CEFC) board. The former Macquarie Group banker will be responsible for managing how $13 billion in green investments will be allocated. The scheme is to drive clean energy products and is expected to drive around $100 billion in investments in the renewables sector over the period [...]

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Green Light For Clean Technology Investment Program

The Government today announced details of the long awaited Clean Technology Investment Program.  The CITP will provide $1 billion in funding for manufacturers to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution and also help manufacturers buy new plant and equipment which cuts their energy costs or reduces carbon pollution. The CITP comprises the $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program [...]

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Round 15 CRC Program Announced

The 15th Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) funding round for 2012 will focus on clean manufacturing, social innovation and sustainable regional communities which are seen to represent significant challenges for our nation and are vital to our economic and social prosperity. In the 15th selection round, the CRC committee will place a particular focus on [...]

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Commercialisation Australia Scheme Changes

From today Australian entrepreneurs will not have to repay Early Stage Commercialisation grants for businesses developing a new product, process, or service. Additionally, the annual turnover limit for applicants will rise from $20 million to $50 million and access to skilled managers now have the option to apply for an Experienced Executives grant of up [...]

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Jobs And Competitiveness Program

The $9.2 billion Jobs and Competitiveness Program legislative was passed by the Senate today and is designed to assist industries like aluminium, steel, cement, lead and zinc, glass making, LNG and paper manufacturing. This Program focuses on emissions intensive and trade exposed activities which release high levels of carbon pollution but have difficulty passing on [...]

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Small Business Is Big Business

A new report released today confirms the significance of Australia’s two million small businesses to the Australian economy.  The research reinforces the essential and vital a role the small business sector plays in Australia’s economic life.  The report was compiled by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and [...]

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Illawarra Region Innovation And Investment Fund

The Government's new $30 million Illawarra Region Innovation and Investment Fund, announced last week in response to job losses at BlueScope Steel, specifically targets firms providing: engineering, construction and support services to heavy process manufacturing and the mining industry; manufacturing for the power, mining and transport sectors; engineered equipment for oil, gas and downstream industries; [...]

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