The Federal and South Australian Governments are offering investment of $12 million through the South-East South Australia Innovation and Investment Fund (SE SAIIF) to encourage businesses in South Australia’s south-east to boost jobs and innovation. The Fund is a joint initiative between the Australian and the South Australian governments and it is expected the investment will create new long-term jobs in high-value manufacturing. The Fund was announced by the Ministers earlier this year following an announcement by Kimberly-Clark that more than 200 jobs would be lost at its Millicent site. The $12 million SESAIIF program is part of a $17 million package which includes up to $5 million for a labour adjustment program for Kimberly-Clark displaced workers that involves skill assessment and re-skilling workers.

Around 170 permanent and 35 temporary jobs were lost from Kimberly-Clark’s Millicent Mill following the international company restructure and 65 Australian jobs could be lost if there is no buyer for the Tantanoola pulp mill.  The SESAIIF is equivalent to $85,000 for each permanent full time job lost!  We leave you to work out the rationale behind the payment.

Through SE SAIIF grants, the government will invest in projects that will lead to the creation of high-value, high-skill jobs in the south-east region. This is hoped to strengthen the region’s manufacturing and service capacity and minimise unemployment.

The south-east is home to a major regional city – Mount Gambier – as well as several other commercial and service centres with access to infrastructure and transport networks, making it a great place to value-add and grow emerging industries.

Businesses looking to apply for funding can attend information sessions in the State. More information on these sessions will be provided through the local media. The Fund will be available over the 2011-12 to 2012-13 financial years. Applications close 5.30pm AEST 12 August 2011.

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