Green Light For Clean Technology Investment Program

The Government today announced details of the long awaited Clean Technology Investment Program.  The CITP will provide $1 billion in funding for manufacturers to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution and also help manufacturers buy new plant and equipment which cuts their energy costs or reduces carbon pollution. The CITP comprises the $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program [...]

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Inspiring Australia With $5 Million

The latest round of Inspiring Australia : Unlocking Australia's Potential grant will provide $5 million available across three categories for projects to be delivered between 2012 and 2014. It is intended to fund a collection of projects that provide a good mix of activities with a variety of approaches, audiences, locations and topics. This [...]

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Industry Transformation Research Program

The Government announced the Industry Transformation Research Program today.  This new $249 million package is designed to help Australian industries become more competitive and create new job opportunities. The Industry Transformation Research Program and cadetship package includes: More than 1,000 engineering cadetships over the next four years so students can get the work experience they [...]

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Steel Transformation Plan Open

Eligible companies will be able to apply for $164 million in competitiveness assistance advances under the Australian Government's Steel Transformation Plan (STP) from today, despite the best efforts of the Coalition to block this assistance.  The Steel Transformation Plan comes into effect following Royal Assent to the Clean Energy Bills and the Steel Transformation [...]

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Round 15 CRC Program Announced

The 15th Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) funding round for 2012 will focus on clean manufacturing, social innovation and sustainable regional communities which are seen to represent significant challenges for our nation and are vital to our economic and social prosperity. In the 15th selection round, the CRC committee will place a particular focus on [...]

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Innovation Investment Fund To Get $100 Million

Up to $100 million will be invested in new, innovative companies as part of the Australian Government's Innovation Investment Fund (IIF).   The final tranche of IIF Round three of $100 million will lead to $200 million of venture capital for early-stage investments which reduces the financial risk to larger venture capital funds with the capacity to make significant [...]

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Commercialisation Australia Scheme Changes

From today Australian entrepreneurs will not have to repay Early Stage Commercialisation grants for businesses developing a new product, process, or service. Additionally, the annual turnover limit for applicants will rise from $20 million to $50 million and access to skilled managers now have the option to apply for an Experienced Executives grant of up [...]

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CRC’s Awarded $148M For 2011

The successful applicants of this year’s CRC selection round were announced today.  Only 6 applications were successful from the 26 applications received. The agricultural sector, automotive industry and urban water managers were among the communities who will benefit from the recent decision. The successful CRCs are: Automotive Australia 2020 CRC ($26 million): will undertake research programs [...]

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Government Abandons Exporters

The Australian Labor Government provides over $20 billion to support innovation through the R&D Tax Scheme while providing only $150 million to support export marketing through the EMDG scheme. To put the government's current approach into perspective, please consider this hypothetical scenario. An Australian business decides to develop a new product and commits $1 million towards [...]

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Australia China Science And Research Fund

Australia-China research collaborations will benefit from an additional $18 million over the next three years, with the opening of a dedicated Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF) this week. The Australian Government is committing $A9 million to the Australia-China Science and Research Fund from 2011-12, which will be matched by the Chinese Government. This [...]

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