World Carbon Pricing

Carbon taxes are in place in Britain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Canada and under discussion elsewhere, including in the EU, Japan and South Africa. Other countries, including China, Taiwan, Chile and South Korea, and a number of Canadian provinces, are either considering developing their own or already have trial emissions trading schemes [...]

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Home Insulation Fraud

The companies and individuals targeted in yesterday’s warrants were identified as having allegedly committed serious fraud. Mr Combet said the Government and the Australian people were rightly disappointed that the Home Insulation Program had been tainted by alleged illegal conduct and the possibly fraudulent behaviour of a number of individuals. While the Government has been upfront [...]

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Increased Standard Tax Deduction

The standard deduction will rise to $1,000 from 1 July 2013 and will give taxpayers the option of bypassing the costly and complex work of figuring out what is deductible, correctly quantifying work-related expenses and dividing expenses between income-earning purposes and private purposes.  Providing a standard deduction will remove this burden for many taxpayers and increase their [...]

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More Super For Over 55’s

This measure is one of a number of reforms, including increasing the superannuation guarantee rate to 12 per cent and a Government contribution for low income earners, which will directly impact the cost of conducting business in Australia  While it will deliver improvements in retirement savings and a variation to the distribution of superannuation taxation concessions, someone has [...]

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Sustainability Advantage Program

Under the Sustainability Advantage Program your business will: identify and manage risks by including compliance with environmental legislation lower business costs by optimising your raw materials, water and energy use and minimising waste improve productivity through better business planning and staff engagement enhance your business reputation both as a supplier and employer of choice access the [...]

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GST On New Residential Properties

The proposed amendments will ensure that new residential premises constructed under development lease arrangements since 3 October 2007 are treated as taxable supplies, rather than input taxed supplies, where the premises are sold by developers to home buyers or investors. This amendment will contain a transitional provision that will operate to ensure that no one [...]

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Retail Sector Productivity Commission Open

The Productivity Commission is looking into the implications of globalisation on the Australian retail sector. The government is strongly encouraging brick and mortar and online retailers, consumer groups, unions, shoppers, suppliers and other experts and stakeholders to make submissions to the inquiry. Retail is one of the largest employers in the country, and with ABS statistics showing retail turnover [...]

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Finding Lost Superannuation

Australian workers and retirees will find it easier to find 'lost' superannuation accounts, after the Government today released draft legislation that will allow superannuation funds to use tax file numbers (TFNs) to identify members' accounts. The draft Bill enables superannuation funds to use the TFN to identify member accounts from 1 July 2011. Although members [...]

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SMSF Can Invest In Collectibles And Personal Use Items

The draft legislation allows people with self-managed super funds to continue to invest in art and other personal use assets. However, the rules will be tighten so people can't claim they are, for example, 'collecting' high-end sports cars, paying reduced tax and then actually driving around in those vehicles.  The new rules will ensure these investments do not [...]

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Tax Breaks For Green Building Scheme

From 1 July 2011, the Tax Breaks for Green Buildings scheme will offer businesses that invest in eligible assets or capital works to improve the energy efficiency of their existing buildings – from 2 stars or lower to 4 stars or higher – the ability to apply for a one-off bonus tax deduction of 50 [...]

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